Meet me at the end
Or somewhere nearby
Just a simple sheep
Italian, going from fandom to fandom, kinna wooly...

I SAID I’D FANART AND I DID jesus christ this fandom will be my death, it’s all TRIPLETRILBY and AMANDATHEANGRYGIRL and ASK-PITCHS-WARDROBE’s fault!!! Omg Proto how could i live all this time without drawing you he’s seriously the most enjoyable character i happened to draw in AGES (but actually all the Pitch are super fun to draw)

p.s. For anyone who didn’t know already these characters are Pitch’s interpretations of Hurtanminttu (wardrobe-after-dark, ask-pitchs-wardrobe), go check their blog NOW!!! (and also tripletrilby’s amazing fics for the Nightmare Galleon’s ship j u j)

Edit: WOW I’M STUPID i didn’t even source tripletrilby’s amazing fic from which i drew that scene from, go me!

Posted on Apr 11, 2013 at 3:14

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