Meet me at the end
Or somewhere nearby
Just a simple sheep
Italian, going from fandom to fandom, kinna wooly...

“It’s different now to how it was in college. Piki’s hands are still careful with him, still hesitant, but the reasoning behind it has changed; Piki knows he can leave, not because he might, but because he has once already. Jack had to grow up, and when he came back, Piki hadn’t. Jack sometimes wonders if anyone in the Black family knows how to grow up. Something in their nature keeps them separate from the rest of the world, something venomous, and Jack’s been stung by that venom more than once”

SO emeraldembers wrote me a minific and i loved it so much so obligatory picture and gross sobbing and i dun even know. Thank you emerald.

Posted on Jun 26, 2013 at 17:16

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