Meet me at the end
Or somewhere nearby
Just a simple sheep
Italian, going from fandom to fandom, kinna wooly...

SSSooooo while wallowing in pain because of my wisdom tooth, i tried out some new dry brush setting on Sai (that i figured out thanks to my eversolovableandgorgeousandamazing bff snip) and i ended up sketching some real quick doodles of respectively the Raven Prince, Augus Each Uisge and Gwyn Ap Nudd from not-poignant's amazing Game Theory fic that i love so much sob.
I can’t wait for her to post the fic she said she wrote about the Raven Prince, i can’t wait to read it * M*!!! I BET HE’S GOING TO BE MY FAVOURITE AHhhhhh so dreamy~*

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 at 19:04

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    Bringing this back! Some amazing inkwork from the incredible morbidlizard - with one of the few illustrations of The...
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    pretty O_O all of your art really!! I’d just really like to know how to get a brush like that in sai??
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